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Master Karol's Tai Chi Chuan Academy


Please enjoy reading a small selection of Master Karol’s Tai Chi Chuan Articles that spans his career of over 40 years… as Calif. Regional Representative of the National Tai Chi Chuan Association and Holistic Acupuncturist & Lecturer…

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Master Karol @ Academy/Tai Chi Dog 'Hermes'

"Remember," says Master Karol, "that hidden within the slow flowing movement, is a sophisticated art of self-defense...strike, parry, punch, and kick!"...But Tai Chi Chuan leads one beyond defense into the peaceful tranquility of Pure Awareness!"

As the youngest Licensed Acupuncturist in the USA (retired), Master says, "that Tai Chi is the Exercise of Longevity, and Dance of Life, because it most effectively circulates the ‘Chi’ or Vital Life Force, throughout the entire body!" Now study a direct transmission of authentic, traditional Yang Style-Tung Family System Tai Chi Chuan… ...The Supreme Ultimate Fist (Struggle)!!! Combine Outdoor Tai Chi Chuan Instruction with Master Karol @ Balboa Park and Free Online Tai Chi Chuan Video Training in your home or office for the best results...and develop Perfect Tai Chi Chuan to practice a Lifetime!!!

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Introducing Master Karol... a selection of Tai Chi Articles
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Master Karol "is an inspiring exponent of the Yang Style, Tung Family System ...of Tai Chi Chuan...and was trained... in Direct Lineage to the Founders of this Great Art of Health and Martial Art Sport!

Professor Wen-Shan Huang, respected Author/Teacher 'Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan' and past Pres.Emeritus of NTCCA

Chang San Feng in his garden in the 13th century

Master Karol demonstrates 'Separation of the Left Leg'