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Master Karol's Tai Chi Chuan Academy

ACADEMY POLICY (The Rules of the Academy)

#1-Respect the Rules of Master Karol’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy of the Global Internet

  1. Take personal responsibility for teaching yourself the discipline of Tai Chi Chuan…
    …The Supreme Ultimate Fist (Struggle)…
  2. Master Karol’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy is an online resource for Tai Chi Chuan Training and is the personal property of Master Lawrence Karol and is protected by Copyright. 
  3. All members of the Academy must pay Annual Alumni Scholarship tuition of $12.96. Member's Account will Auto Renew to credit card of record! Please update credit card info prior to auto renewal date to avoid cancelation of membership! A reminder notice will be emailed two weeks before renewal date. Due to Special Alumni Scholarship's low cost…All Annual Membership is Not Refundable!
  4. User I.D. is given out per membership via valid registered IP Address.  Family may use the registered User I.D. from registered IP Address.
  5.  Registered Membership must not share or give User I.D. to anyone outside of immediate Member’s family located @ registered User IP Address. All other remote access from unregistered IP Addresses are recognized by the Academy Security Program and are blocked from access, resulting in cancelation of membership…after three (3) resets of the User I.D./IP Address.  Master Karol will review each breach of User ID Policy and make a final decision about ongoing policy violations…resulting in corrections to membership’s  account or cancelation of membership. All members may communicate to Master Karol by clicking here.

#2-All Members must be responsible for personal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

  1. Please consult with Licensed Physician in regards to any concerns about preexisting conditions of health, disabilities, or challenges.
  2. Please be free to modify any of the Tai Chi Chuan Postures or methods of movement, to adapt Tai Chi practice to meet your individual fitness abilities and challenges.  (For Example:  When twisting weight over heel of foot while turning toes of foot 45-90 degrees…Master keeps weight on foot throughout twist…Whereas modified for disabilities…weight may be kept off twisting heel of foot and then placing weight onto foot after doing twist.)

#3-Master Karol’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy of the Global Internet wishes all members/students a lifetime of excellent Tai Chi Chuan practice. The Academy will continue to add new training files to the Archives Folder, as well as provide On-line Live Streaming Video Tutorial Broadcast, etc., to begin as membership grows!

#4-Academy Privacy Policy-The Academy maintains strict prohibition about sharing members identities,   IP Addresses, or Email Addresses with any party or parties whatsoever.  All membership data is classified as Strictly Confidential!

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Master Karol "is an inspiring exponent of the Yang Style, Tung Family System ...of Tai Chi Chuan...and was trained... in Direct Lineage to the Founders of this Great Art of Health and Martial Art Sport!

Professor Wen-Shan Huang, respected Author/Teacher 'Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan' and past Pres.Emeritus of NTCCA

Chang San Feng in his garden in the 13th century
Chang San Feng in his garden in the 13th century

Master Karol demonstrates 'Separation of the Left Leg'
Master Karol demonstrates 'Separation of the Left Leg'