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The Kung (Inner) merit of the Staking is too extraordinary.
It is unknowable because of its delicacy, excellency, mystery, and circulation.
Its appearance is very much like an emptied chest and an encircled embracing.
The great function is in the calves of the legs, while its Shen (Spirit) is ordinarily substantial.
With relaxation everywhere do not force.
To control the ‘Eight Extremes’ in floating with the clouds and in joining with the wind.
To attain a real and full body in going outside phenomena.
In returning to emptiness and entering into perfection, the breath is harmonious.
To void the voidness by non-possession and non-being;
Magnanimous without concern, bending is yet not humbling;
And to be natural and to adapt oneself to circumstances completely,
The Chi circulates to the four limbs without hindrance.
In overlooking the ‘Great Void’ it is adaptable to going everywhere,
It is like a pen which goes upward to the cloud, deep, profound, somber.
It is similar to a vast cloud resting in ‘Heavenly Harmony’.
It is like the solitary, long wind, which is deliberate, peaceful, and quiet.
Free and easy, one is serene, delicate, and refined.
His spiritual attitude is comfortable, guarding quiescence and silence.
Looking upward beyond the outer world,
Embracing the One as if he were setting the pattern for the Universe,
And as if it were a pool full of pure spring water,
As silver comes out of lead, take a boat to the moon…
Seeing the mind of Tao by observation of the Shen (Spirit) with an antique mirror…
As if there were things in a tributary full of wine,
Without control and bondage there is no ego.
It is as if I were flying to the sky expanding strong wings,
Rippling and curling, directed toward the horizon,
As if a stone, thrown into water leading to ripples and lines,
Expands infinitely, tremendous and vast.
It is as I were to prop up the limits of the universe.
Instantly the consciousness embraces the internal,
The myriad phenomena of the universe are coming to my breast.
To strain the two inner sides of the ankles a little outward,
To loosen the knees ceaselessly and continuously
With stretching and embracing there is no stoppage.
Get rid of all confused thought, superstitions, and misleading.
Early in the morning to stand straight with constant practicing,
To store up a strength that will overcome all diseases.
In spite of all circumstances I come to stand in the middle.
With manipulation, I am able to attack the opponent and to guard myself.
The most important thing is to have absolute confidence.
To be full of vital force depends upon this standard.
Because of the constant revolution of nature, blessings arrive through one’s effort.  
The nourishment of the five viscera comes through Self-Cultivation.
It is difficult to pry into the secret of the Golden Tan (Elixir) at all times.
Unthinkable and inexpressible is the Art of Health.

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Master Karol "is an inspiring exponent of the Yang Style, Tung Family System ...of Tai Chi Chuan...and was trained... in Direct Lineage to the Founders of this Great Art of Health and Martial Art Sport!

Professor Wen-Shan Huang, respected Author/Teacher 'Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan' and past Pres.Emeritus of NTCCA

Chang San Feng in his garden in the 13th century
Chang San Feng in his garden in the 13th century

Master Karol demonstrates 'Separation of the Left Leg'
Master Karol demonstrates 'Separation of the Left Leg'