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Master Karol's Tai Chi Chuan Academy


Welcome to my Tai Chi Chuan Academy of the Global Internet! My career as Tai Chi Master and Regional Representative of the National Tai Chi Chuan Association spans four decades of devotion to my role as promoter of this great discipline of Tai Chi Chuan and the Taoist Healing Arts and Sciences.

At sixteen years old on my birthday (born on my grandfather’s birthday on Father’s Day June 15, 1950) I had an auto vs. motorcycle accident and broke both legs (femurs). After recovery, I was lead to the Tai Chi program of the National Tai Chi Chuan Association in Bronson Park (/W.Hollywood/Los Angeles area) by friends @ UCLA. I was inspired after my 1st class with Master Marshall Hoo and continued my studies 1st to benefit my recovery, improve my overall health and well being, and 2nd to learn the martial art discipline of Tai Chi Chuan. I quickly progressed and after 2-3 years (which included training in Acupuncture, Herbology, etc.) Master Hoo formally introduced me to Grandmaster Tung Kai-Ying shortly after Master Tung opened his Academy in the L.A./Silverlake area. After a few more years of study and assisting Master Tung’s program, as well as creating the 1st Tai Chi Chuan program @ UCLA (Thru the Experimental College, the original model for the UCLA Extension Prog.) I envisioned my Tai Chi Chuan Academy and Acupuncture Clinic. Thereafter I opened my 1st Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Isla Vista, Calif. next to the UCSB campus and after obtaining certification as Cal.State Licensed Acupuncturist, I added my Acupuncture Clinic.

As the 1st decade of my career as Tai Chi Master Karol progressed, I received comprehensive insight into the future possibilities of using computer technologies and the Internet to deliver detailed audio/video files of Tai Chi instruction, allowing me to memorialize my Tai Chi instruction. My insights into how to harness computer technologies and the Internet began to grow in my conscious awareness with each passing year. As years and decades rolled by, with my many evaluations of the technologies and Internet’s ability to provide excellent quality video images, I discovered that the time (for Streaming Video & HQ Progressive Downloads) was still in the future when herky jerky video images would finally give way to real time high quality video in 2008 with the advent of High Quality Streaming Video! Currently, Smartphones, I Pads, and all handheld devices can now view all the Tai Chi Chuan Training Videos and Teach yourself 24/7…This Great Art of Health and Well-Being!

And over a period of 3-4 years I have worked continuously to create the Academy audio/video instructional training files/plus differently paced demonstration files, using multiple camera angles, as well as a Fundamentals of Hand and Foot file, etc., which enable you the viewer to teach yourself Tai Chi Chuan! Of course, with my guidance borne out of over 40 years of training and teaching as transmitted to me by four generations of Grandmasters, a direct lineage to the Yang style school of Tai Chi Chuan that even dates back to Tai Chi Chuan's historical roots in the 13th century A.D. with Tai Chi’s legendary founder…Grandmaster Chang San-Feng! (read 'The History of the Tai Chi Chuan Masters')

Now after all these decades, I am proud to offer this resource of comprehensive Tai Chi training as Master Karol’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy of the Global Internet! Master Karol Tai Chi Academy is dedicated to Health, Education, and the Expansion of Cosmic Consciousness! Please Join Hands with Us!

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Master Karol "is an inspiring exponent of the Yang Style, Tung Family System ...of Tai Chi Chuan...and was trained... in Direct Lineage to the Founders of this Great Art of Health and Martial Art Sport!

Professor Wen-Shan Huang, respected Author/Teacher 'Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan' and past Pres.Emeritus of NTCCA

Chang San Feng in his garden in the 13th century

Master Karol demonstrates 'Separation of the Left Leg'